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Some things that need to be stated apparently:



  • When you go to a gig, you are guaranteed only admission to that concert. The artist owes you nothing but to play to the best of their ability.
  • That means you are not entitled to meet them before / during / after. Many artists want to meet their fans, but don’t go expecting this to happen.
  • Artists are human beings! It’s amazing right? They’re just normal people like you and me who happen to have a cool job and make stuff we like. That means they will have bad days, they will get tired, they will want their personal space, they will want to NOT BE SEXUALLY HARASSED.
  • You may feel very connected to an artist because of how much you love the art they make, and you feel like you know them because you follow them on social media. Maybe you’ve even exchanged a few tweets or emails! But you are most likely still a stranger to them when you meet them in real life. It is a one sided relationship in your head. Please treat them with the same respect you’d give to any other new person that you are meeting for the first time.
  • Do not touch the artist while they are on stage or off. It does not matter their gender, or how much you LOVE THEM. If you really LOVED THEM so much, you would respect their basic human rights to not be harassed.

When fans act disrespectfully to artists, that is when they stop making themselves so accessible. They stop responding to online messages, they stop coming out to meet fans after shows, they stop playing small intimate shows. Do not be the person who ruins everything for every other well behaved and respectful fan. If you don’t trust yourself to not molest a virtual stranger, then you should stop going to gigs.

*mic drop*

See: One Direction fans.